Ny återförsäljare: Green This Season, www.greenthisseason.com

GreenThisSeasonVår senaste återförsäljare är nederländska webshopen Green This Season. De beskriver sig själva såhär: "Consumerism doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Your clothes don’t have to be disposable commodities. Fashion doesn’t have to be fast.

Here at Green This Season we provide the alternative; a means of escaping the vicious whirlwind of mass production, rapid turnover and fleeting trends. We are a platform for independent designers who are mindful of environmental and ethical practices in the creation of their collections. A stylish aesthetic with a clear conscience.

We’re returning to the roots of fashion, to a celebration of art, design, craftsmanship and quality. For us, fashion is about uniting a beautiful product with an equally beautiful story behind that product. Each of the talented designers from the array that we have curated has produced collections that hold unique origins. This isn’t just information to be summed up on a label, but stories to be shared and celebrated.

The clothes that feature on our website are made with respect for the entire supply chain; materials have been carefully sourced, the production force are treated with fairness and integrity, and the focus is on quality not quantity.

By understanding where our clothes come from and who has made them, we hope to re-connect people with what they wear through a sense of pride and value. We believe in the longevity that accompanies quality production and a timeless aesthetic."

Och återigen - det känns så otroligt fint och roligt att vi återigen får vara i ett sammanhang som vi till 100% tror på (JustFashion.no och AndFair.se är två andra webshopar vi älskar att vara en del av). Hållbart mode och Slow Fashion är här för att stanna - och för att säga det med Green This Seasons egna ord: "A bit more greeen every season".