Norska Just Fashion skriver så fint om oss

Just Fashion skriver så fint om JohannaNNorska hållbara multibrand-webshopen Just Fashion skriver så fint om oss i ett långt blogginlägg på sin hemsida. Om vår produktion, vad vi tror på, hur vi jobbar och våra största utmaningar. Bl a skriver Marte, som är en av grundarna av Just Fashion, så här:

"...Can a business have a personal moral?

Yes, we do believe they can!

There are so many people who are skeptical to the concept of ethical fashion. It is such a wide term, and also difficult to grasp and to see something else than a trend in it. Well, it is in these meetings with our designers, by knowing them, that all doubt about their intentions is washed away. With JohannaN, I have been sure from the start.

She has walked the hardest way, to make her brand sustainable, and now she has come full circle in so many ways. The things that are still difficult to change are really difficult to change!!! Its complicated, sitting in Sweden, trying to get access to the details around the production, not because things are secret, but because there are no tradition for these kinds of investigations in Thailand.

To manage to make a lasting change, it is essential for our designers and us to understand the culture in the country in which we operate. To make room for dialogue that can stretch over time, so there are no misunderstandings..."

Hela texten hittas här: Just To make it all go in a circle. Och om du letar nya spännande märken som drivs av hållbarhetsfrågor - så ska du absolut spana in Just Fashion: hemsida. En plattform och webshop som samlar några av de mest framsynta mindre modedesigners i Norge och Europa just nu. Så det är en ära att finnas representerad där! <3