Karolina, fashion blogger/stylist, Rome

Karolina, fashion blogger at KcomeKarolina.com and stylist, Rome, Italy "A bit of vintage, but not too romantic. A bit of edgy clothes, but not too eccentric. A bit of style from a big metropoly, but not too eccentric. I love clothes and that it's our main problem with my beau - I just exiled his clothes from our wardrobe to put there mine. I have way too much clothes, but there is nothing to do. I hate get rid of old clothes because you never know - probably one day it will turn fashionable. I often raid the wardrobes of my granny or my mum and find a real vintage treasures. One day I hope my daughter will be happy to find all my favourite pieces. And when I found the Johanna-N website I felt in love at first sight. Her designs are so unique and edgy I couldn't resist."

Dixie sherling vest, Subdued cardigan, Sugerlips pants, Johanna-N earrings and bracelet