Björk A/W 2012 - Cornelia Helleday

Bloggaren Cornelia Helleday var där tillsammans med Amanda Brohman som driver The Style Gossiper och de bjuder på fina bilder från kvällen. Tack för lånet av bild och text! "Okay, so I am right in the middle of fashion week, in my city. Which means different events to got to. I've already been to two of them, one to go. The first one was yesterday. A great fashion show by The Red Cross, which I will show you some pictures from later on, since I witnessed the whole thing. This evening I went on fashion event number two, with Amanda. It was, among other things, a release of JohannaN's latest jewelery collection. We mingled, drank champagne (a bit of a cliche, I know), were privileged with amazing live background music and checked out the latest collection of course."